G-Switch 3

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Some rules of G-Switch 3

G-Switch 3 is an entertaining running game that brings a novel playing space. You and another player control the characters to run the longest distance.

In this game, there are two exciting game modes for you to try. The first is Endless mode. This mode offers an endless track. You can play alone. You must control the character to run as far as possible. A gravity track is always full of dangers. You have to quickly change the path so as not to fall into space. If your character does not touch any of the tracks, you lose. Next, the Multiplayer mode allows you to play the game with many people. You can select the number of players before starting the game. You will focus on the guideline to control the character easily. Have fun! And on our web, there are some multiplayer games available for you, like Fish Eat Fish 3 Players, 1v1 LOL, and Bad Ice Cream. In addition, you also play Sonic exe to continue relaxing after finishing all games.

How to control

The Endless mode: you can use any key to control it.

The Multiplayer mode: you have to focus on the guideline to know the key you will use.