Glove Power

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The gameplay of Glove Power

Welcome to Glove Power to get various new experiences. Your mission is to control a glove to avoid obstacles and complete the track to get many points.

You have to conquer a task on a track that is filled with several obstacles, including gears, spikes, etc. They can cause you to lose. They can move, which makes it even more difficult to pass through. However, there are many power-ups that are available on the track for you. They can help you cross the finish line safely and score a lot of points. There are many different styles of power-ups, and they all offer great qualities. They include time, space, power, reality, and soul power-up. So you can pick the best power-ups to avoid the barriers based on the obstacles in front of you. It is clear that you do not need to combine operations when playing. As a result, it is suitable for everyone. Besides, Sonic exe, Moon Clash Heroes, and Subway Surfers New Orleans are also attractive. You can try to play.

How to play

Use WASD, the arrow keys.

Drag the left mouse button to move.