Moon Clash Heroes

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The gameplay of Moon Clash Heroes

Join Moon Clash Heroes to experience a competitive battle amongst moon warriors. You must use strong weaponry to take out every opponent, then collect stars.

In this game, you have to defeat all of your opponents. To shoot accurately, you must be able to identify the enemy. Red arrows will identify your adversaries. If you shoot your partner, who is indicated by a green arrow, you will lose. Attempt to eliminate as many foes as you can. Your position in the leaderboard will depend on how many enemies you've eliminated. After that, you will receive the number of stars determined by how many adversaries you have eliminated. You can invite your friends by making a private room in the game, or you can join random internet gamers. In order to win this multiplayer game, which is similar to Doodlr.io, 12 Minibattles, and Sonic exe. Join the game now to test your abilities.

How to control

The left mouse button to shoot.

The right mouse button to use scope.

WASD or arrow keys to move.

The spacebar to jump.

G to throw grenades.

C to crouch.