Helix Jump Halloween

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About Helix Jump Halloween

Helix Jump Halloween is a bouncing ball game. In this version of Helix Jump, there will be a special point. That is the appearance of some Halloween ideas in the game.

Versions of Helix Jump abound. Each version has its unique features. We sifted through many of those versions and found an important element in the game's graphics. We decided to share this version of Helix Jump Halloween with you. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do

Discover Helix Jump Halloween

Getting to know the game

The game is quite simple with gentle manipulations that are not too complicated. You can discover the secrets of winning easily. Don't let the stairs get in your way. Feel the bouncing steps of the ball. Sometimes they bounce to the beat of melodious music. By joining the ball you can break yourself to achieve a high score that you did not expect.

A ball will bounce continuously on colorful stairs. The colors will be the victory and vice versa. Please observe before moving down the stairs to the first level. Observation is also an important skill element. It will assist you to get to the end of the game. The first levels are basic monochrome colors. The higher levels you will have to pay attention to the stairs to avoid. If you fall on them you lose.

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Features in the games

Here are our favorite parts of the game:

  • The Halloween idea would be the pumpkin face on the ball
  • The steps will be as transparent as prisms with different colors.
  • Small Halloween ideas around the background will appear later through the stairs and pillars like spooky castles in the annual Halloween festival.
  • Many other interesting things appear when there are small gifts for you to collect such as glowing pumpkin baskets with different uses inside, large lightning bolts that support breaking many towers at the same time, .....

WOW! Surprise and surprise. We also suddenly felt more curious about the next levels. How about you?


Use the mouse to move left and right to rotate the stairs