Merge Melons

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About Merge Melons

Merge Melons is a game of combining fruits together. This combination will be very different. Combine the same fruits but create a different new type of fruit.

There will be a lot of fun behind. That's when you discover these fruit recipes. You will see many surprises in the game. Thanks to the actual research from fruits in life, the game's graphics are extremely beautiful. If you are a lover and a fan of fruits, then we realize you will love this game.

How to play Merge Melons?

Unique combination

The fruits will be dropped in turn from the upper white line right down to the positions you choose. When they are dropped and put together, the combination will happen as follows:

  • 2 small green lemons = 1 mangosteen
  • 2 mangosteen= orange
  • 2 oranges = apple
  • 2 apples = dragon fruit
  • 2 dragon fruit = 1 coconut

And there are many other combinations to create even bigger fruits. Larger fruits take up a lot of space and push your fruits higher. Try to keep the fruits from touching the top white line to get as many points as possible. When you hit the top white line you lose.

In-game support

In the games, there are supports so that players can overcome the difficulties they are facing. In Merge Melons there are also some small help from icons:

  • Small knife: Select a fruit to destroy
  • 10T Iron: Select a fruit to destroy
  • Green flower: Drop down the same type of fruit in the area of your choice

Limited amount of support. So use them when necessary. We tested in multiplayer. They are all confident in their ability when participating in the game. You can try other games if you pass this one


Use the mouse to drop the fruit to the position you want