Naruto Mini Battle 2

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The tasks in Naruto Mini Battle 2

Take part in the bloody conflict in Naruto Mini Battle 2 to develop the strongest character. The game requests you to engage in team combat and try to win.

If you are a big fan of the Naruto anime, you shouldn't miss this game because it offers some really cool experiences. You will change into one of the series' characters and begin combat. To be able to outnumber your opponent, you must use a variety of procedures simultaneously. You will win this game thanks to your excellent moves. You should utilize each and every chance to overcome the opposition.

In addition, the game has two different game modes. In the 1 player mode, you will direct your own character while the computer controls the other. If you want to play with two or more people, you can select the 2 player mode. Both of you will control the characters on the same device. On our web, there are some games that allow many people to join, such as Fish Eat Fish 3 Players, Four In A Row, and Sonic exe.

How to play

Player 1

YHGJ to move.

A to choose an opponent.

A to punch.

Z to kick.

E to collect.

Player 2

Arrow keys to move.

2 to choose an opponent.

2 to punch.

3 to kick.

9 to collect.