Super Dino Fighter

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About Super Dino Fighter

Super Dino Fighter is a fighting game genre between dinosaur robots. Assemble a fighting robot and take control of it to fight against other robots.

The battles were extremely fierce. Earthquake-shaking attacks. Dinosaur robot warriors do not back down and fear. Help them win and create strategies in battles for themselves.

Super Dino Fighter is so much fun

Build a fighting robot

We will build our own first robot. It's the red robot dinosaur rubo-rex. By assembling 2-layer parts inside and out, we will have a dinosaur robot right away. Visualize hidden parts clearly for correct assembly.

Join the battle

After completing the assembly phase. We can join the first match. The first battle will be against the dark-rex. rubo-rex will be able to possess 4 unique combat abilities:

  • Direct attack: pretty high damage
  • Attack with 1 bullet
  • Attack with continuous bullets
  • Defense: when you use defense you can double attack next time

Warrior Upgrade

We can level up the next-generation dinosaur robots. They could be dinosaurs we've encountered before:

  • Dark-rex
  • Blue ice-rex
  • Taurus-rex
  • Blood-rex
  • Drago-rex

Very engaging battles. Don't miss it you will regret it. Join us! A few other fighting games you might also like:


Use the mouse to assemble dinosaurs and fight