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About Warcall.io

Warcall.io is a real battle game in a map with many other players around the world. Matches will be played directly and continuously as you approach any opponent.

Many characters with different weapons and attack power will be proposed for you. Your characters are extremely rich with many different forms from costumes to actions.

Rules of the game

After choosing a character you will be entered into the game map. Quickly eat gold coins (obtained by other players dying) and other loot.

Power Upgrading

Other equipment can be yours to help you further increase your power when you reach new levels. Accompanied by an increase in damage, defense, and speed to make you the winner.

Character upgrade

Many characters have not been opened and are currently numbers "?" very mysterious. You can also get them easily through your passion. Many other mysterious rewards are also waiting for you.

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  1. left mouse to attack
  2. right click to use skill
  3. hold and release to use attack power
  4. cursor to move