Wizard Mike

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About Wizard Mike

In Wizard Mike, you will become a magical wizard slaying monsters. It's another fantasy battle space. Rays of light are emitted and the monster will die.

Monsters will always attack you. Your task is to destroy them, pass the levels and become a witch with not only strength but also remarkable intelligence.

The adventure has begun

Each level you will be provided with a corresponding amount of magic bullets in purple and orange bottles. If the magic bullets are gone, you will not pass that level. Try to save as much magic ammo as you can to get 3 stars after each level.

Magic bullets can bounce back when fired against walls. The explosive barrels will be the most powerful weapons you can take advantage of their destructive power from a distance. Be brave and don't be afraid of those ugly monsters. The witches will always be the smarter! Play the game and turn things around the fastest.

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Use your mouse to launch magical projectiles.