Douchebag Workout

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About Douchebag Workout

Douchebag Workout is a young man's bodybuilding game. Because the body is too small. He is always embarrassed and not confident when standing in front of girls.

He is always laughed at by his friends, and the girls refuse to get to know him. After a long time of tolerating these criticisms. He was extremely determined. Gather up your courage to sign up for a bodybuilding course. Exercise to make your body more flexible. And people will have a different view of him.

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Muscle training steps

To fully develop the body, it is necessary to have an extremely methodical training schedule. The muscles of the body will develop comprehensively if you train hard and follow the basic exercises. Don't rush to jump right into the machines. You should start with forms of weight training that are suitable for beginners. Through the selection of upper arm muscle exercises.

You can't practice haphazardly. You need to practice all the exercises rigorously. The exercises all require several repetitions and the number of points to increase muscle energy after each exercise. You need to determine exactly what you need to practice and in what part you want to increase muscle for your character.

Replenish energy for the body

After a tiring workout. Energy will be consumed quite a lot. You need to supplement the character's energy through protein-rich foods such as:

  • Pizza + cola
  • Donuts + Coffee
  • Energy Drink & Bar
  • Hot Dog + Cola

Besides supplementing protein with food, you can also supplement yourself with other strength-enhancing drugs. You can find them in the shop of a burly boss.

After your body has improved, go shopping and make up your outer appearance to be more complete. People will have a completely different view of your character.

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Use the arrow keys and space key to practice bodybuilding exercises in the game