Ducklings IO

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About Ducklings IO

Ducklings IO is a game of finding lost ducklings. Ducklings love to swim everywhere. They no longer remember the way home. Help the duck find them!

In a certain pond, there were many pairs of white ducks. All of them lost their babies. The mother duck is extremely sad, the father duck can only go to find them back to make the mother duck happier. You will be a positive help to the father duck. Find them quickly or they may be lost forever!

Duckling Adventure

Duck hunt

The ducklings are scattered everywhere in the pond. Go around and observe. When you see them, quickly approach them, they will swim back and form a long line behind the father duck. After finding a lot of ducklings and want to return to the nest. Look at the arrow pointing to the nest and follow it. Returning to the nest, the ducklings will automatically run into the nest. The mother duck will be extremely happy to welcome her cubs back.

New nests

There will be a fixed number of ducks in the top left corner. Once you reach this specified number, the nest of the mother duck will be upgraded to be more beautiful and higher. The father duck will also have a better new hat.

Danger around the lake

This is an extremely large pond so there will be countless ships passing by. You are the breadwinner of the family. When going to the middle of the lake, there will be a lot of ships in this area. Be careful of passing trains. It will be able to take the father duck's life at any time.

Tips to get more ducklings.

  • The other father ducks are also looking for their cubs. According to the law of nature, when the father duck passes by the duckling, all the ducklings will follow the father. So you can cut through another duckling's flock and rob them
  • You can risk getting more ducklings. Let's swim in the middle of the lake. The number of ducks here is extremely large.
  • For ducks that are dragging too many ducklings behind and accidentally die. Ducklings will congregate in this area. You can also own them without going too far to collect them.

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Use your mouse to swim around the lake and collect ducklings