Eternal Fury

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About Eternal Fury

Eternal Fury is a role-playing game that traverses the map and kills monsters. The game has very beautiful graphics and extremely attractive skill effects.

The journey will be more and more interesting with the participation of many warriors and friends from all over the world. You will feel the special point in this game.

How to play game?

Game entry modes

  • Try it out Now: Play as a guest. You can play right away with this mode.
  • Register: Save progress and connect with friends.
  • Log in: continue where you left off.

We still recommend you sign up for an account yourself. So that the next time you log in, you will not lose your data, character levels, and in-game items.

Getting to know the game

Choose the gender for the character according to the classes Archer, Mage, and Knight. Each character class has its unique skills. You will receive instructions on how to use these skills as soon as you enter the game. You will encounter the game's first monster. Get help from many other players. You will kill this huge monster. Get items dropped from monsters to upgrade your character's equipment to become stronger

Adventure right into the game

Enter the real game space. You will notice your level in the toolbar. Please work hard to do the assigned tasks in the task panel on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on the yellow text to make automated tasks easier.

Join campaigns, destroy monsters to overcome challenges, and receive valuable rewards. Make friends to get support. Discover, and summon more support and help from a few other elite warriors.

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Use the mouse to manipulate character skills and play the game.