Vortex io

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About Vortex io

Vortex io is an entertaining game with boats. You will be competing with many countries around the world. Is it easy to be a captain? If you want to know, join!

What's the difference between piloting a real boat and a virtual one? We had many tests before sharing the game with you. It's not easy at all. It takes a while to get used to the steering wheel and controls. Sometimes there are insurmountable obstacles. But I'm sure you can overcome them. You are players who are always full of energy. Try your hand at this role!

Play Vortex io

Drive a train in Vortex io

Name your ship. Quickly plunge into the sea war! It will be an enclosed space within a narrow sea area. There will be many ships with different colors and names. They are controlled by players like you. This is a battle between players. Stay focused to be the boat that survives to the end.

The job of the captain in the game

Move around this sea to collect "EXP+" crates. The more you collect, the bigger your ship will become. In the process of collecting you will collide with other ships and vice versa. That will cost you the life of the ship. A little note for you. On each ship, there will be a green life bar. If this blue bar turns completely red your ship will explode and you will lose. similarly, there will be tornado craters appearing suddenly in the sea. If you accidentally fall into it, try to control the ship to escape. If you are swallowed by the tornado, you will also lose.

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Control the ship by combining AWSD keys and the left mouse for a smoother combination