Random Cards Tower Defense

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About Random Cards Tower Defense

Random Cards Tower Defense is a card game with a whole new style. Monsters are created directly from cards. This is a very interesting feature of the game.

Many unique combinations in this card game. We have battle modes, quests, and rewards. Please choose the full-screen mode to see special skills with beautiful graphics, and shimmering lights. Promises to attract excitement and curiosity from players.

How to play

Fighting style

It can be said that fighting with weapons will encounter a lot of pressure from many different environments. In Random Cards Tower Defense, you may experience more mental pressure when dealing with cards. You will fight any of the randomly selected monster boss opponents. If you have ever played through the Zuma game then it is similar in this game. The only task you have to do is to protect the green gem from the plots of possession of the card monsters. Prevent them from invading the gem.

To do that you have to destroy them all before they touch it. Create cards, and combine them. Make them stronger and have more intense attacks. The special character is hidden inside your right-hand card. For a certain period, it will be possible to release a special skill. Temporarily hold off enemies and destroy them. This skill takes time to recover. After each level win. You can upgrade your cards. Your character can also be leveled up.

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Your reward

Every day there will be missions and attractive gifts for you. Work hard to complete the missions to get more rewards. Your combat ability is directly sourced by you. So try to get more support resources.


Use the mouse to control the cards